Neutral Concepts Orthotic Imprints

Designed to support the body in a neutral position.  The package includes 3 sessions to balance the body and an imprint session at the end of the series. After 3 sessions all joints through to the bones of the feet have been put in order and an non-weight bearing imprint is made of the foot. The design of the orthotic is to help rehabilitate the muscles of the foot and maintain the body in a neutral stance. This is perfect for the athletic lifestyle or to create a comfortable dress shoe.


Advanced Body Therapeutics


One Hour Session-$130.00 

4 Sessions @ 15% discount-$442.00

6 Sessions@ 20% discount $624.00 

8 Sessions @ 25% discount $780.00 

The number of sessions needed is determined at assessment session.  The goal of the work is to neutralize structural and metabolic anomalies.  Continued maintenance is suggested and initial discount remains the same.   


A strength training system design to correct tensional dynamics that weaken the body and limit movement.  Can be accomplished outside a fitness facility. 

1 hour session $80.00 Discounts available for groups and packages

Dynamic Kinesis 

Built upon the principles of core strength oriented yoga Dynamic Kinesis aims to rehabilitate tensional patterns.

Yoga Therapy

Designed to be restorative and educate the individual in maintaining their body.

Individual session-$80
Group-$150.00/Session divided between participants.  Group establishes location

Rehabilitative Exercise: Applied Core Techniques (RE: ACT)

A hybrid blend of Iyengar yoga, Pilates Mat Technique, Muscle Energy Exercise, breath practice and improvisational movement. Designed to teach the practitioner ways to maintenance the stress patterns in their body.


Consultation, Supervision, and Training

Expand the vision of your practice. Advanced Body Therapeutics offers an array of various perspectives that can augment a practice in Massage, Body Work, Somatics, or Psychotherapy. Trainings or workshops for groups can be arranged either for on-site trainings or web conferencing. Chardin's extensive background offers possible insight into the healing practice with a fresh perspective. Contact Chardin through this site to arrange meetings. Pricing to be negotiated on a per case basis.

Peri and Post Natal Care

Bringing a being into the world is a very special event, whether it is your first or not. Both the mother and father experience changes in their own beings as the influence of this new being exerts impulses to change the lives of all parties involved. In-utero development is influenced by any number of stresses felt by both parents. Advanced Body Therapeutics can relieve physical stress felt by the mother and keep the mother's homeostatic balance within comfortable ranges. The participating partner will be taught simple body therapeutic techniques that support stress relief through the pregnancy and during delivery. Care Packages included post-delivery body work for the newborn to relieve the stresses of birth.

Animal Care

The principle of ABT apply to animals as well as people. Chardin Has had success with dogs, cats, horses, and raptors. If you have a pet displaying structural and/or metabolic issues contact Chardin through the information provided on the Home Page.

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All above services provided by:

Chardin Bersto MA


Below are other services available through Boulder Integral Healing Arts.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Joanne Neville L.Ac., Dipl.C.H
Contact Joanne for appointments

Sensenig Chiropractic
Dr. Barry Sensenig, DC is a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College. He continued another year in naturopathic studies giving him a strong background in nutrition and herbs. He includes in his practice: Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Neuro-Emotional-Technique (NET), Active Release Technique (ART), Traditional Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, Chinese Herbs, Homeopathy, Electrical Stimulation, Ultra-sound, Hot/Cold Therapies..

Contact Barry for appointments

Pilates 4 All

Helen Stacey


Certified Pilates Instructor

Contact Helen for appointments


Bonnie Egeland

​Certified Pilates Instructor