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Hi, my name is Chardin and welcome. Explore and enjoy.

 Thank you for visiting our site.  The mission of this site is to introduce a new perspective in the nature of the body from the metabolic/physiologic, psycho-spiritual, and energetic/quantum. This perspective is inclusive of Western Medical views as well as Eastern Medical views with an attempt to refresh how we perceive this form. the Human Body. At a very basic level its an attempt to interpret the information and enliven it with more holistic and synergistic perspectives.

There is no one way to answer all the questions we might have on how this organism, the body, came to be and does what it does. The more we search the more we find.  There is a simpler way to address the events that occur in our bodies that trusts its inherent intelligence. It's time we become more creative and let go of the idea that this could be completely figured out and understood. Remember everything we choose to call "knowledge" is made up by Human Beings. This fact in and of itself calls for suspicion.Undeniably, no matter how we might choose to explore this phenomenon, we are faced with a miraculous discovery; there is an extraordinary intelligence exhibited in Life. Through body therapy and focused exercise we learn how to care for ourselves.

This site will offer opportunities to share ideas on a variety of subjects relating to Life as we know it, access to my current writings, products and protocols, and training opportunities.  I look forward to sharing this information and opening a dialog for evolutionary perspectives.

We all need technical advice in this day and age to take care of our gadgets. This article is a conversation with "Technical Support" to install new software into your Heart Chakra.
Click Here to Install Love

Culturization has its drawbacks. We are taught to put ourselves last and take care of all others first. "Stress"  has been shown to reduce Oxytocin levels and this hormone has been found to be associated with our experience of Love. The following guided imagery aids in the practice of Self Love.   
Click here for The FLower of Self-Love

There is current research and I do mean current, that points to a new understanding on the importance of "hydration" in the maintenance of homeostatic balance. This article is an introduction to the information about Hydration.
Click Here for It Starts with Water

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Boulder Integral Healing Arts, LLC is the home of Advanced Body Therapeutics.
Boulder Integral Healing Arts, LLC is the home of Advanced Body Therapeutics.

Hi, I'm Chardin

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