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Advanced Body Therapeutics


Advanced Body Therapeutics (ABT) is a new orientation of creating synergy in the body systems.  ABT uses assessment tools from Osteopathic Theory, Chinese Five Element Theory, Applied Kinesiology, Yoga Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, and Structural Therapies to determine the relationship of the metabolic systems of the body as well as address common structural issues related to stress or trauma.

We are located in East Boulder CO in the Gunbarrel Area. Besides Five Element Soft Tissue Manipulation, we also offer; Pilates, Chiropractics, Acupuncture, and Myofascial Release.



 "I was having such pain in my elbows that I  couldn't go to yoga class, couldn't carry much and couldn't throw the  ball to my dog.  I thought, "If anyone can fix this without medication  and/or long term therapy, it will be Chardin."  I had gone to Chardin  for a pulled out back several months before, learned a few simple  exercises and have not pulled it out since. So I went back to Chardin  for my elbows, and they are now "fixed."

"Chardin was  recommended to me by a friend when I had a problem with my hip and  could barely walk.  After one session, the pain was almost gone, and  after three sessions there was no evidence of the hip problem at all.  I  have continued to see Chardin once a month for almost a year.  During  that time a problem with my legs not being the same length from old  injuries has been resolved.  I no longer walk with a slight limp, and my  body feels in balance."

"I have been working with  Chardin Bersto at Advanced Body Therapeutics since July, 2008. Chardin  was recommended by my personal trainer. I first sought  Chardin’s services for a neck issue. Chardin’s therapies and stretching  recommendations have taken care of my neck difficulties. I am pain  free.  Chardin is gentle, and willing to share his knowledge and  therefore educate his clients. I leave a session with Chardin  feeling healthier both physically and mentally. During a session we talk  about how the body and mind handle life’s stressors and its responses  to those pressures.  I see Chardin every 6 weeks and his services are a  priority in my life to help me maintain a positive attitude in mind and  body. I would highly recommend Chardin and I look forward to many more years of beneficial sessions with him."

"I  turned to Chardin about a dozen years ago with a chronic pain in my  right shoulder and bicep.  For nearly two years, I had treated it with  pain-relievers (Aleve).  Because Chardin works with the whole being  (body/mind), and does not treat each ache and pain as a separate  condition, I regularly return to sessions with him to achieve a  balanced, pain-free state.  I now see discomfort as information from my  total energy field, whether in thoughts, physical sensations, or  perceptions of the heart.  If I ache or feel ill, I approach the  situation with curiosity, recognizing it as a temporary play of  force.  I welcome the power and choices before me to co-create a state  of well-being.

In a state of thanks for collaborative growth"

"Chardin's  treatments are very peaceful and treat the whole body (and mind).  He  makes adjustments which are peaceful, rather than painful.  His  treatments are derived from many healing disciplines, such as  osteopathic, eastern and Mayan, as well as from his own spirituality.   He is a very accomplished and interesting person, and his  treatments work." 


My prayer for healing was finally answered when I met Chardin Bersto. Wise, humble and gentle, he quickly empathized with my decades-long struggles with PTSD and chronic illness, and created a safe environment for my body to relax and recover. In addition to his healing hands-on body work, he has listened with kindness, educated me about the ways stress impacts my nervous system, and offered me numerous strategies to manage my own symptoms. I now feel physically better than I have in a decade, am for the first time in my life enjoying an intimate relationship, plus I feel confident that through life’s continuing ups and downs, I will have the resources and resilience to sustain my health. A compassionate communicator, responsive to my needs, in tune with the Universe, Chardin has given me a priceless gift.

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